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Transpoxy MIO Primer 164 LT (TO 1.64LT)

Colour: Silvergrey
Gloss / Appearance: Flat
Volume solids: Approx. 58%
A two-pack polyamide cured epoxy coating pigmented with micaceous iron oxide resulting in excellent barrier properties against penetration of water. The product offers good resistance against abrasion and impact. The product can be used as a primer on steel and stainless steel substrates. It also can be used as intermediate coat in Transpoxy systems or can be left uncoated .
The product is fast curing enabling rapid recoating at ambient temperatures. Transpoxy Mio Primer LT can be used down to temperatures of -15 °C.
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Important documents

Guidance to paint application
Prevent problems at the start by reading through our application guidance.
Transpoxy MIO Primer 164 LT (TO 1.64LT) Français
Product datasheet
Product datasheet French – Fiche de données du produit Français
Transpoxy MIO Primer 164LT (TO 1.64LT)
Product datasheet
Product Datasheet (English)
Guidance to Product Data Sheets
Introduction to reading & interpreting product information in Transocean Coatings product datasheets
Paint coverage calculations / spreading rate
Calculation & Tools
About spreading rate, the effects of thinning, helping to understand paint consumption calculations

Other products

Test product

Colour: Light grey , White , Redbrown , Green , selected other colours
product test, to see where PDS ends up

Transpoxy HB (TO 4.73)

Colour: Light grey , White , Redbrown , Green , selected other colours
A polyamine cured epoxy coating for ballast tanks, cargo holds, hulls, splash zone areas.

Transpoxy Unicote BT (TO 4.33)

Colour: Aluminium, Light grey, Redbrown, Cream
Surface tolerant epoxy for high corrosive conditions onshore and offshore, suitable for use in water ballast tanks.

Transothane Finish (TO 3.63)

Colour: Transocean Colourshades
A high gloss polyurethane finish for marine- and industrial environments.

Transocean Optima 234 (TO 2.34)

Colour: Redbrown, Pink, Pink, Black
A tinfree, self erodable antifouling pigmented with a combination of biocides for the protection of the underwater hull of vessel against various types of fouling organisms such as barnacles and algae.

Transocean Cleanship 291 AU (TO 2.91AU)

Colour: Black, Blue, Redbrown
A tinfree polishing antifouling based on specially developed mixture of polymers, approved by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.