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What type?

All Transocean Coatings anti-fouling products meet the requirements of being “tin-free” and “Cybutryne-free” contain no banned tributyl-tin (TBT) or Cybutryne (CAS No. 28159-98-0), meeting the latest IMO requirements.
However, this is not where the story about selecting a Transocean Coatings anti-fouling ends …

From traditional ablative anti-fouling to self polishing silyl-acrylate types in the Transocean Armada range to silicone based fouling release Transocean Ultima, the portfolio contains options to fine-tune a specification for each ship-owner, optimised for sailing pattern and vessels type.

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Anti fouling (red) on port side aft
Ship quayside Dong Quan Shan

Carbon Footprint

Whether speed and fuel efficiency are more on a shipowner’s mind has become less important as reduction in carbon footprint (Carbon Intensity Indicator, CII) is now the key driver for a coating specification. The IMO requirements around Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) is having decision makers in the maritime industry scratch their heads nowadays.

Transocean Coatings’ Aramada range offers self-polishing silyl-acrylate based anti-foulings that can be part of the solution. Our silicone based Ultima fouling relase products are a biocide free option. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss how the right coating system can help in achieving your targets.


Anti-fouling portfolio

Transocean Coatings offers several product ranges for fouling protection of different vessel types, speed ranges, dry-dock intervals and activity rates. Based on the different technology and biocide-packages, a fine-tuned offer for different budgets and performance expectations can be made.

Transocean Optima: conventional anti-foulings differing in service life and activity.

Transocean Longlife: leaching type anti-fouling with longer service periods and stronger paint films than conventional anti-foulings

Transocean Cleanship: binder with hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics, self renewable surface

Transocean Armada: self polishing silylacrylate based anti-fouling products for ocean going vessels as well as (navy) patrol vessels for instance.

Transocean Ultima: silicone fouling release products

Antifouling application Cleanship 2.91 (Philippines)

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