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Guidance to paint application

Prevent problems at the start by reading through our application guidance. Includes information about spray (air-less) application, nozzle sizes, etc. as well as guidance for brush and roller application.

Glossary of paint terms

Each industry has its own terminology, sometimes giving new meaning to common words in a language. Direct translation from a home language to English so commonly used in the (protective and marine) coatings industry may not be straightforward. In the document, Transocean Coatings has made an attempt to give descriptions for a list of some […]

Introduction to anti-fouling coatings

Read more about fouling protection: prevention and reduction of growth of marine organisms on the underwater area of a vessel’s outside hull using anti-fouling coatings.

Guidance to Product Data Sheets

Guidance to Transocean Coatings Product Data Sheets, this document gives an introduction on how to interpret product information.