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Documentos y descargas

En esta página ofrecemos documentos para descargar que le ayudarán a comprender la cartera de productos de Transocean Coatings.

Descargue folletos sobre determinados grupos de productos o para mercados específicos como el marítimo, el off-shore o el de yates.

Encuentre documentos informativos que expliquen la terminología utilizada y aprenda sobre los componentes de la pintura, cómo leer las hojas de datos de los productos, etc.

También ofrecemos herramientas de cálculo para ayudarle a prepararse para su próximo proyecto de recubrimiento.

Folleto de revestimientos protectores offshore (Español)
Folleto de revestimientos protectores offshore (Español) Brochure off-shore protective coatings (ES)
Folleto pinturas marinas (Español)
Folleto pinturas marinas (español) Brochure marine paints (Spanish)
Folleto pintura para Yates (Español)
Este folleto ofrece información sobre las pinturas para yates que ofrece Transocean Coatings …
Flyer: Transozinc
Flyer: read more about Transozinc Epoxy Primer’s suitability for grit- and hydroblasted steel.
Brochure: Ultima
Discover the advantages of low surface energy coatings as an alternative to biocide based anti-foulings on ships’ hulls.
Flyer: Transocean Transurethane
Read about the bright and colourful world of Transurethane Finishes: Transurethane Finishes are formulated with selected acrylic resins and isocyanate curing agents to provide protection against atmospheric exposure whether it is intense UV-radiation in tropical climates or the harsh conditions of the arctic zones.
Flyer: Transpoxy Masterbond – English
Read more about Transpoxy Masterbond and its surface tollerance. Transpoxy Masterbond was developed as an anticorrosive system not only on blast cleaned steel but also on powertool cleaned surfaces.
Brochure Yacht paint
This brochure offers information about the yacht paints Transocean Coatings offers and how they can help protect your pleasure boat.
Brochure Marine Paints
In this brochure you can read more about marine paints product portfolio that Transocean Coatings offers including anti-fouling paints.
Brochure Transocean Coatings
This brochure supplies background information about the Transocean Coatings organisation and our combined strength in protection.

Guidance to paint application
Prevent problems at the start by reading through our application guidance.
Glossary of paint terms
In this document, Transocean Coatings gives descriptions for key protective and marine jargon.
Introduction to anti-fouling coatings
Read more about fouling protection: prevention and reduction of growth on a ship’s hull
Guidance to Product Data Sheets
Introduction to reading & interpreting product information in Transocean Coatings product datasheets
Guide to protective coating selection using ISO 12944
Explains ISO12944 standard, environments (C5, CX etc.) & durability as input for coating selection

Transocean Coatings paint calculator
Calculation & Tools
Spreadsheet: calculate spreading rate & areas for ships’ hull, pipes & tanks, unit converter
Paint coverage calculations / spreading rate
Calculation & Tools
About spreading rate, the effects of thinning, helping to understand paint consumption calculations